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Participant and Project Table

Sortable Table
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# Name IRC Nick (Learn ID) Role Project Alternate Projects Notes Regarding Project Project Approval SBR700/OSD700 Applied for FUDCon Tempe Attending FUDCon Tempe 2011
0Chris Tyler ctyler (chris.tyler) Professor Fedora ARM Secondary Architecture YYY
2Pratik Amin a1cd CTY Student iSCSI/AoE Support NYWaitlist
3Matthew Tuori metuori CTY Student Automatic ExclusiveArch Addition/Removal NYY
4Todd Westacott tewestacott CTYC Student Koji Setup DocumentationFedora-ARM Package Building and Troubleshooting NYY
5Adeel Sabir asabir CTYC Student Device Support and Testing: PandaBoardPackage the Weave Server NYWaitlist
6Michael John Corsame mjcorsame CTYC Student Fedora-ARM Package Building and Troubleshooting NYY
7Andrew Parda aparda CTYC Student Fedora-ARM Package Building and Troubleshooting NYY
8Rocella Jimenez RocellaJ (rjjimenez1) CTYC Student Fedora-ARM Package Building and Troubleshooting NYY
9Houssam Haidar hhaidar CTYC Student Fedora-ARM Communication (See the Talk page)NYY
10Chantell Adassa McIntosh camcintosh1 CTYC Student Fedora-ARM Package Building and Troubleshooting Package the WIX Toolchain NYY
11Faisal Dahir Nageyi CTYC Student NYWaitlist
12Joshua Koh DDDDDDD CTYC Student Koji Setup Documentation CreateRepo Performance Improvements NNN
13Khosro Taraghi khosro CTYC Student RPM-based Kernels for Fedora ARM YNN
14Tim Furzer thafuzz(tefurzer) CTYC Student System Administration Tools for the ARM Build Farm NNN
15Stephen Hall sahall3(sahall3) CTYC Student Add PandaBoards to the Fedora-ARM Build System NNN
16Mike Kirton mkirton CTYC Student Package IcingaPackage Hadoop NNN
17Justin Morgan jpmorgan CTYC Student Package the Weave Server Package Hadoop NNN
18Gian-Luca Casella gcasella CTYC Student System Administration Tools for the ARM Build Farm NNN
19Lorin Soura Lorin S CTYC Student AutoQA RPM-based Kernels for Fedora ARM NNN
20Stephanie Yang syang CTYC Student NNN
21Timo Dourov tdourov CTY Student NNN
22Derrick Boddie dboddie CTY Student CreateRepo Performance Improvements NNN
23Calum Picken cal643 CTY Student Package the Weave Server YNN
24Pirathapan Sivalingam prathapan CTY StudentSystem Administration Tools for the ARM Build FarmKoji Hub on Arm NNN
25Anthony Boccia IRC:SHARPY Learn:aeboccia CTY Student Koji Hub on ARM YNN
26Eugene Khabian ykhabian CTY Student Device Support and Testing: PandaBoard NNN
27Abdolreza Sakhapour asakhapour CTY Student AutoQA NNN
28Alfred Liu alfredliu CTYC Student AutoQA NNN
29Sajed Shadani smohammadabdullahshadani CTY Student Device Support and Testing (Panda board) Repository Setup for Mozilla Nightlies NNN
30Jason Marciniak jmarciniak CTY Student NNN

Column definitions

  • Name - Your full name, linked to your wiki user profile page (please place contact information there).
  • IRC Nick(s) - Your nicks (nicknames) as used on IRC. Leave this blank if you're not using IRC yet.
  • Role - Professor, CTY Student, CTYC Student, CDOT Researcher.
  • Project - Link to your main SBR600 project wiki page. Leave blank if you have not selected an SBR600 project yet.
  • Alternate Projects - Projects you are interested in doing if your selected project is not approved.
  • Notes Regarding Project - Any comments you have about your project selection.
  • Project Approval - Initialed by your professor when your project selection is approved; may also contain a note about comments on the Talk page.
  • SBR700/OSD700 - Place a Y here if you're interested in taking the SBR700/OSD700 continuation course. This will be a course offered in a subsequent semester where you can continue work on the project you started in SBR600 (or another project, if your SBR600 project is concluded). Place an N here if you are not interested in taking SBR700/OSD700. Leave this blank if you're unsure.
  • Applied for FUDCon Tempe - Place a Y here if you're interested in attending FUDCon Tempe 2011; place an N here if you do not want to attend. Note: The final decision on who will be invited to attend is at the professor's discretion based on project and course work, community participation, and funding.
  • Attending FUDCon Tempe - Filled in by Chris Tyler - Y here indicates students attending FUDCon Tempe; N here indicates that registration forms were not received by 2011-01-11; Waitlist indicates students who will be eligible to substitute for any students who cancel. Students were selected based on the order in which students replied to the request for passport names and birthdate information.

Instructions - Participant Information

Please add your name, IRC nick, and Learn ID as soon as possible. Link your name to your Wiki user page.

Instructions - Project Selection

Select one of the SBR600 Potential Projects and add an entry to this table. Project assignment is not final until approved by your professor but is generally assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Edit your row on this page:

  • In the Project column, please place a project title exactly as written on the potential projects page.
  • In the Alternate Projects column, please name one or two other projects that you are also interested in, if your first choice is oversubscribed or not available.
  • In the Notes Regarding Project column, comment on why you chose the project you did.
  • Add a link from the project name in the Project column to your Project page. For the Project page, use the Sample Project as a template.
  • Fill in the Project page with your initial project plans. See the comments in each section of that page for instructions.
    • Research the scope of your project
    • Identify some initial resources (people, information) and links.
    • Decide on your goals for your 0.1 release (proof of concept), 0.2 release (initial implementation), and 0.3 release (good implementation). Note that some projects have a much bigger scope than others, and some will be largely completed by the first release date (in which case you may want to take on a second small project for the later release dates).
  • Due date: Initial project plans will be presented on Thursday, February 3 and must be completed on the wiki before class.
Don't Break the Table
Use the preview capability to ensure that your wiki markup is correct before saving. If you break the table or page, please fix it!
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