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Project Name

Breakpad development and server operation or The Breakpad project.

Project Description

The Breakpad project is developing an open source crash reporting and analysis system, analogous to Talkback. There's lots of work to do on wiring it into the build system, operating servers for collecting and analyzing data, and extending Firefox's use of it to collect additional helpful information (like installed extensions, memory usage, etc.)

Reference: Bug 216827, here, and here

Source Code

  • Perl script that reads crash data from database and prints them in a table.
  • Perl script that collects crash data when it receives a minidump file and process it using moz_stacwalk before it stores the results in the database.

submit HTML page that allows you to send a minidump file to the server for collect to process.

Here is a sample minidump file that you can send to the server to see what the collect script returns.

How Did We Get Here?

When we began the Breakpad project, we were pointed to the Breakpad Dev Group and the Breakpad Discussion Group. Completely overwhelmed (not to mention confused), we finally stumbled upon the bug#354980 where Ted Mielczarek (luser) had posted a link to code that he had written to display minidumps (crash reports) on the server. After finding luser on irc in the channel #developers, and begging him for his help, we made a simple html client that sends crash reports to our server, where we proccess this information with a perl script and list them.

If you're looking for help, luser is the best place to go with regards to the client and processing.

Project News

Jan. 18, 2007

Modified luser's moz_stackwalk code to compile with the latest revision of Breakpad, patch is here

Old News

Archive 2006

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