During my lifelong inter-mixology with computers, I have seen many changes in 35 years. As what would be considered 3rd generation, I began taking computers as a high school student in 1981. At the time, using a TRS 80 and Vic 20 at home, with a tape drive and a coupler by 1983. I worked on a Commodore PET at school. Basic my first language

In the mid-80's I went to university taking computer science as a minor, learning C, Pascal, and SQL and various datacom protocols. I graduated with an Honours in Political Science. Initially working as a fart-catcher for a PM and a Premier-to-be, and aide on Queen's Park. I became disillusioned and left for International Politics, lasted two days as a country project officer, and given a manager job designing computer networks at the beginning of the WWW, when they found out I knew how to design computer networks. The executing agency reported to CIDA, UNFPA, UNDP and the World Bank.

But I was teaching computers and had some teaching experience in Politics and Music at the high school level. Seneca offered a position, and have been there for 18 years.

When not speaking at conferences, or preparing new course offerings, I am finishing my Master's in Education, which is the golden ring in an educational environment. (Although I am too old to take advantage of it), and content where I am.

Outside of school…proper football and traveling Europe to sate my desire for history.

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