OPS124 - Intro to Operating Systems
OPS224 - Intro to Unix Systems
OPS235 - Intro to Unix Systems
OPS240 - Intro to Unix Systems
OPS330 - Unix Server Administration
OPS335 - Unix Server Administration
OPS430 - Unix System Automation
OPS435 - Unix System Automation
OPS440 - Unix Server Administration
ICS124 - Intro to Operating Systems
INT120 - Intro to the Internet
INT220 - Intro to the Internet
INT322 - Web Programming on Unix
INT420 - Advanced Internet
INT520 - Introduction to Security
INT525 - Advanced Apache
INT620 - Applied E-Commerce
SEC520 - Introduction to Security\\
SEC625 - Information System Security
SEC701 - Ethical Hacking
SEC703 - Advanced Security
IOS110 - Introduction to Operating Systems Using Windows
ULI101 - Introduction to Unix/Linux and the Internet

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