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 INT322 - Web Programming on Unix\\ INT322 - Web Programming on Unix\\
 INT420 - Advanced Internet\\ INT420 - Advanced Internet\\
-INT520\\ +INT520 ​- Introduction to Security\\ 
-INT525\\ +INT525 ​- Advanced Apache\\ 
-INT620\\ +INT620 ​- Applied E-Commerce\\ 
-SEC520\\ +SEC520 ​- Introduction to Security\\\\ 
-SEC625\\ +SEC625 ​- Information System Security\\ 
-SEC701\\ +SEC701 ​- Ethical Hacking\\ 
-SEC703\\ +SEC703 ​- Advanced Security\\ 
-IOS110\\ +IOS110 ​- Introduction to Operating Systems Using Windows\\ 
-ULI101\\+ULI101 ​- Introduction to Unix/Linux and the Internet\\
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